My friends and family would describe me as a friendly, and energetic person who loves to play just about any sport. In fact as a boy, my family would have bet the farm that I would have never been a creative one day. I loved running and jumping around to much at school or at a park to have even consider being an artist one day. Feeling the wind rushing through my hair as I ran through the trees was just my medicine. If there were kids outside in my neighborhood playing any kind of sport you could always find me there. As a teen, I gravitated to photography when I discovered my fathers old Kodak Brownie film camera in our garage that was left behind in some boxes years earlier from my fathers passing. It started my artistic journey. I spent many hours in that garage secretly trying to master his camera while studying some of my favoriite magazines in the school library. I was especially facinated and moved often by Life magazine. It brought the world to me in color, beautiful cinematic pictures and many with a strong emphasis in Photojournalism.

Many of those images taught me how to convey beauty and emotions in photographs. As the years passed on, I graduated from college and went straight to work for some fortune 500 corporations in the Pharma/Biotech sectors for many years. During that time, I continued to hone my skills on my portfolio in southern california, photographing Fashion work in Los Angeles, New York and other states when I was free to follow my secret passion. Later on, I finally started to get a few commissions to photograph Portraiture, Commercial and some Architectural work which eventually all led to weddings that’s when I met Lisa and our little happy accident began.